Hot Tub Sales, Services & Repairs for Merritt

Boost your property value and turn your backyard into your very own oasis with a hot tub from Merritt’s Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors Ltd. A hot tub provides a wide range of benefits both for you and your home’s property appeal.

Sitting in a hot tub can help you relax and unwind at the end of long day, providing stress relief, promoting a good night’s sleep, and relieving aches and pains like those experienced from arthritis. A hot tub is also a great place to entertain friends and family, giving you the chance to get the most out of your outdoor living space. Whether you’re hoping to avoid the hassle and crowd of your local health club or simply looking to upgrade your outdoor space, adding a hot tub to your property is a great investment.

Find Hot Tubs from Beachcomber

Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors carries a variety of brands for heating, cooling, and plumbing products. We rely on only the best brands on the market. This is why we carry Beachcomber hot tubs. These hot tubs offer the best in luxury design and comfort, available in various colours and styles to fit your exterior décor. Furthermore, Beachcomber hot tubs are made to be environmentally friendly, using 33% less energy than the competition at the same water volume range.

We also carry massage and whirlpool tubs from brands like American Standard and Kohler®. Need pool equipment? We provide that too with products from Goulds Water Technology.

We Repair It Too! Common Hot Tub Problems We Fix

Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors provide repairs and maintenance for your hot tub. Merritt area homeowners can set up a service appointment for any hot tub problems, regardless of the hot tub’s make or model. Some of the more common hot tub problems we fix include:

  • Hot tub leaks – Leaks are often caused by faulty seals. We can replace old pump seals, o-rings, valves, and more to ensure your hot tub doesn’t leak.
  • Heat loss – The whole point of a hot tub is that it gets hot. A circulation system clog, damaged filter, or air lock problems can be the culprit behind a cold hot tub.
  • Broken jets – Malfunctioning jets may be the result of calcium buildup or plumbing line clogs. We can pinpoint the problem and provide quick repairs to get your hot tub jets working again.

Our team can also provide hot tub draining, cleaning, and filling as well as winterization services to ensure your hot tub is taken care of year round.

Also Serving Princeton, Logan Lake, Fraser Canyon, and Spences Bridge

For over 40 years, Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors Ltd. has been the go-to plumbing and heating business for Merritt, Princeton, Logan Lake, Fraser Canyon, and Spences Bridge. If you are looking to install a new hot tub or require expert maintenance, we’re the company to call. Contact us for a quote today.

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